About us

Boss lady
Andreia Moniz

I’m a creative person who loves to craft things. My latest dive is into pottery, most of which you can find in this shop. 

I was born in Portugal in the beautiful Vila de Cascais. In a desire to experience living abroad and grow my career I moved to Amsterdam in 2014. 

I’ve been a Designer for half my life but always had my personal projects on the side. Illustrator, doll maker, lettering aficionado turned potter. 

When life gives me lemons I learn new skills. When my health took a turn for the worse I started to learn wheel throwing. This has been by far the hardest craft to learn, but with high effort comes high reward.

I’ve been using clay and letters to create art that speaks to people like you and me, reflecting coping mechanisms of resistance to the absurdity that surrounds us.

I’m also restless and curious, and a big fan of long walks. I could go on, but this would be too long for anyone to read.

Shop manager
Jure Merhar

Tech Lead by day, excel magician by night, Jure organizes inventory, takes photos and builds systems to manage the pottery sales. He also built this webshop on a weekend and proof reads all the texts.